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We advise clients from 14 EU countries in the area of EU insolvency and EU tax optimization.

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We help you to quickly and legally get out of debt. Rieger & Partner is a team of experienced lawyers, business and tax consultants, and lawyers. Our competence lies in the implementation of EU insolvencies in Latvia. We advise and assist in the implementation of private and corporate insolvencies as well as in the reorganization, restructuring, and relocation of to the center of interest in Latvia – up to the final registration of the discharge of residual debt in any EU country.

With our insolvency system, debt relief is possible in the shortest possible time (from 6 months). Claims from criminal offenses as well as tax debts which are not covered by the residual debt exemption in some EU countries (e.g. Germany, Austria, France) can be liquidated cost-effectively, quickly, and successfully within the framework of insolvency proceedings in Latvia.

Even in the event of a trade ban, we can help you to carry out a trade (self-employment) quickly, legally, and securely in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, and other countries.

We have an easy and quick way out of the debt trap with a success rate of 100%. Like every lawyer, we are liable for the advice we provide and therefore offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a money-back guarantee.

Book now an initial consultation with a lawyer, free of charge and without obligation, in which we discuss your current situation and work out some potential initial solutions for you. Of course, the initial consultation is 100% confidential and guaranteed free of charge.